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Maria Cooper

I’m passionate about my family, women empowerment, Real State and Home Construction. I earned my degree in Civil Engineering and owned/managed an engineering firm with six employees in Mexico. I used those skills to start Sopris Construction & Investments, Inc. in Denver and expanded our business to Aspen, New York City and Cancun with my husband. Either studying with in class instruction or online, professor led studies, as well as on site interactions with other professionals, I’m constantly updating my knowledge about the way things are done in this country. I can say that experiencing and embracing multiple cultures and styles has made my life much more fulfilling.

Jason Cooper

Throughout my 20 years in home building I’ve incorporated my architecture design and construction background to create modern living country flair homes. Using steel, glass, wood and stone as my canvas. I blend structure with environment that compliments Colorado’s indoor/outdoor living experience. From NYC to Aspen and Denver to Cancun, I’ve utilized my skill to create dreams, one home at a time. My eye for detail allows me to spare no expense when designing and installing kitchens and bathrooms for my clients.


We always keep in mind the family that will live in the house, we build homes, not just structures. The value of our product is based on the principle that we do not only sell houses, but we sell a better experience for living.

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We use MATERIALS of great quality.


We make our DESIGNS based on a modern concept, to create enjoyable, functional, safe and durable spaces.


We take care of the DETAILS so that the final product is beautiful.


Our clients don’t have to deal with a house poorly constructed, high cost of maintenance and money pits.


The quality of life that brings happiness, health, pleasant, and that is linked to a balance in all areas of our life. In our work area, we want to generate balance with a satisfying and efficient working environment that creates well done final product and great economical profits. In our community we want to generate balance building homes as a better.

The honesty and respect above all things, because we are honest people that want to encourage a clear and transparent environment when it comes to doing business, to the greatest extent possible where there is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.


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